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API – Academy of Productivity and innovations is a company that provides complete consulting and educational services in Industrial Engineering and LEAN management. We help our partners build up their ability to continuously increase the competitiveness of their products and services. The extraordinary character of API is not based on its focus on the "magic words" productivity and innovation, but on its unique approach to resolving problems. It is, simply, based on the synergy of the parallel application of the most recent methods and building up the skills of people.

API is based on the mutual exchange of positive and negative experiences, open discussions and sharing know-how. Its greatest advantage is creating a network of enterprises, educational and expert institutions that associate and develop its ideas and innovative, industrial engineering, business and management talents.

API works on the basis of closely linking the practice of industrial enterprises and the latest industrial engineering and innovation trends.

We do not just teach. We build skills.


Consulting activities

Our company's consulting and advisory activities mainly focus on projects that help enterprises to react to current global market changes that bring a continuous need for new and cheaper products. So, they focus on projects where the main objective is to increase the performance of an enterprise by increasing productivity or developing new products. Our company directly manages these projects or provides project teams as trainers or advisors.


API offers a wide range of types of education from simple information seminars linked with discussion contributions through self-contained areas or fields up to courses for managing practical skills directly in the field, the necessary including coaching for using and developing them.

Magazine Úspěch – Productivity and innovation in relations

Since 2006 it has been providing a view on industrial engineering, productivity and innovations. The end result is a "text book" for introducing effective methods, making the enterprise lean, increasing work productivity and long-term prosperity as well as implementing innovations in practice. It helps to increase the value of the firm on the labour market.

Talent Academy

Are you looking for talent? The Talent Academy is a new type of school; it creates industrial engineering experts. Its attention is directed to target-oriented young people who are looking to complete the theoretical knowledge gained at university before starting to practice industrial engineering and cooperation with leading area experts. Talented students are given the chance to develop personally and extend their skills which will be of great benefit when applying for positions on the labour market.



API - Academy of Productivity and Innovations      

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