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Industrial engineering Study programme

Industrial engineering

Modern study programme made to fit the needs of industrial enterprises

The programme is based on long-term experience of API – Academy of Productivity and Innovations and Institute of Industrial Engineering (IPI) with training and education in the field of industrial engineering and on experience gained during implementation of individual projects in industrial enterprises. One-year comprehensive study programme offers an overview of professional knowledge and practical experience which enable implementation and project management focused on higher efficiency of business processes.

Practical study programme

Theoretical industrial engineering knowledge complemented with hands-on approach guarantee practical application. The programme combines lectures, individual consultations, field trips to selected enterprises, case studies, workshops and project work in real business environment.

Project implementation

In the course of the programme, the participants prepare and implement an individual project which is carried out in their respective enterprises under the tuition and with the assistance of a tutor. The project will be based on real business process issues and will comprise of current status analysis, improvement proposal and its practical implementation. Upon request, the project results will be presented in the enterprise.

Work and form of the programme

The programme is organised into blocs and makes it possible to align work and training without cutting back on usual workload.

  • 208 hours of lectures in blocs with 3 weeks in between
  • Gemba Tour in form of 4 trips to selected industrial enterprises
  • Project implementation in your enterprise under the supervision of a tutor
  • Consultations with lecturers and tutors
  • Individual study based on provided training materials

Return on investment

Project features of the programme guarantee immediate return on investment. The projects have economic impacts and the output is defined as quantitative savings. The project results, i.e. real and improved efficiency of the selected business process, are measurable; the investment is returned in the course of study.

Target group

Training programme aims at middle and top management of industrial enterprises who want to gain know-how in the field of industry engineering; specifically at process and industrial engineers, planning, production, logistics, change and technical processing managers.

Programme benefits for the participants and their enterprises 

  • higher qualification focused on industrial engineering
  • project management skills including preparation, planning, implementation and fine tuning of business processes
  • project implementation focused on increased efficiency of selected process
  • experience from other enterprises transferred via lectures, field visits, case studies and via meeting with other participants
  • contact with distinguished industrial engineering professionals
  • diploma entitling to use professional degree IEn., the certificate confirming knowledge of MOST (from Maynard) 

Training Programme

Introduction into industrial engineering
Introduction, The role and importance of industrial engineering, Industrial engineering projects and their management
Analytical methods in industrial engineering
Process analysis methods, Technical analysis and work measurement, Value Stream Mapping, Ergonomics and movement economy
Processes improvement
Standardisation and work flows, Process improvement and process audit
Manufacturing system design
Cell planning, LCA and industrial automation, Enterprise designing
Application of industrial engineering in production planning and management
Production planning and management, Capacity calculations, Application of industrial engineering in logistics problem solutions
Application of industrial engineering in non-production fields
Improvement of service and maintenance processes, Improvement of administrative processes
Team work planning, introduction and development
Team work in production, Team work in non-production fields


140 000 CZK (VAT not included) in two instalments. The price includes: study programme, publications and learning materials, field trips, consultations, tutor supervision, meals during lecture days, one-year subscription of the Úspěch Journal, access to specialized API and IPI libraries, opening and final social evening.

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