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Types of education

Education model

API offers a wide range of types of education from simple information seminars linked with discussion contributions through self-contained areas or fields up to courses for managing practical skills directly in the field, the necessary including coaching for using and developing them.

If any type of study is involved, it includes resolving problems directly in real time – it may involve analysing critical points in the enterprise, implementing simple industrial engineering tools or reorganising the maintenance.

The education is carried out at API or directly at the enterprise focussing on resolving a specific problem. The teaching is provided by lecturers who have gathered their knowledge in practice. The main pier is industrial engineering based on which we try to continuously increase productivity by introducing innovations.


Types of education



The object of seminars is the open exchange of practical experience, successes and failures through which we can eliminate future errors. One or two-day seminars usually take place on the premises of API and are usually supplemented by excursions or other practical demonstrations.


We organize in cooperation with our partners international meetings with top experts on selected topics. Conferences provide lectures and informal discussions about knowledge and problems met in practical life. Usually they are two-day events taking place throughout the Czech Republic.

Company training

Detail-oriented education to resolve the specific problems of an enterprise through a closed group of selected employees. Training for specific situations will gather practical skills and experiences on a specific issue and help you to understand adjusted changes with immediate feedback. Training is restricted in numbers and is organized at firms or at API.

Educational programmes

Comprehensive educational programmes are self-contained blocks of tailor-made education for a specific enterprise. Long-term gradual education will expand and deepen qualifications. The study is extraordinary because it resolves the project directly in your enterprise where practical examples can be seen. According to interest we will prepare an educational programme on the topics of lean enterprise, production management or management skills.

Industrial engineering Study programme

One-year self-contained study organized in blocks extends education by comprehensive professional knowledge and practical industrial engineering skills so that projects to increase the efficiency of an enterprise's processes can be implemented and controlled.

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