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Consulting activities


Business success and maximizing added value is based on linking the worlds of productivity and innovations.

Our company is based on this linking, as shown by its name. We want to move from a world of selecting and compromising (either high quality or low price) into a world of maximising benefits and innovations (high quality and low costs).

Our company's consulting and advisory activities mainly focus on projects that help enterprises to react to current global market changes that bring a continuous need for new and cheaper products. So, they focus on projects where the main objective is to increase the performance of an enterprise by increasing productivity or developing new products. Our company directly manages these projects or provides project teams as trainers or advisors.


  • Productivity = doing it right the first time
  • Productivity = doing correct things correctly
  • Productivity = doing correct things the first time and permanently
  • Productivity = standardization
  • Productivity = production without waste
  • Productivity = production according to the client's requirements
  • Productivity = In a productive manner = continuous improvement

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