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"In cooperation with API we started a new optimisation process in our company that resulted in improved competitiveness."

 Ing. Miroslav Žitník, Manager – Škoda production system, Škoda Auto a.s. 

Optimising the preparation of assembly profiles

"Thanks to the excellent cooperation and professional project management by API we exceeded the expected objectives of the project and achieved a more than 25% increase in productivity. In addition to these measurable and unique contributions, API managed to stimulate in IFE working possibilities which were part of the project and an interest in further improving profile preparation which for us is more important than a single increase in productivity."

Ing. Dušan Dostál, Lean Coordinator / KPS Expert, IFE-CR, a.s. 

Improving production processes and procedures

"The project focused on improving production processes was carried out to our full satisfaction and we commenced further cooperation during the project."

Tomáš Netík, ŘLZ Manager, KOVOLIS HEDVIKOV a.s. 

Production processes audit

"We were fully satisfied with the production processes audit. The preparation of the required outputs and measure proposals surpassed our expectations. Based on the results of the audit we decided to continue cooperating with API on elements of lean production."

Radovan Šlechta, Production and planning manager, PILANA TOOLS Knives spol. s r.o. 

Project TOC and SMED

"The pilot project on the bottle line met the objective and, at the same time, we managed to resolve, thanks to improved OEE (Overall Equipment Electivity), the capacity problems of the production line which the line has been experiencing for the two last years. I appreciate the professional approach of those involved in the project and the best proof of our satisfaction is our continuing cooperation with API on further projects."

Vítězslav Vlk, Production and logistics manager, VITANA, a.s. 

Warehouse optimisation project

"The analysis showed great potential for improvement and cost savings, of which one part has already been implemented and further "system" changes are presently underway."

RNDr. Svatopluk Čech, Manager managing the costs of operating units, VITANA, a.s.

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