Industrial engineering

Industrial engineering is a small multidisciplinary field which deals with the actual modern industrial management demands of enterprises. It combines technical knowledge of engineering fields with knowledge from enterprise management and using this knowledge it rationalizes, optimizes and makes effective production and not production processes.

We systematically deal with methodology related to designing, planning, introducing and improving industrial processes (not only production) and innovative implementation ability to ensure competitiveness.

It is applied in practice through projects focused on more effective functioning of integrated and complete systems of people, information, machines, materials and energy to prevent waste and achieve the highest productivity.

Industrial engineering can be understood as searching for how to execute and manage enterprise processes in a simpler, high-quality, faster and cheaper way.

Who is industrial engineer?

Various names are used for experts dealing with industrial engineering in firms. In addition to industrial engineers, they are known as process engineers, management engineers, lean experts, improvement technologists, etc. The exact definition of the position is complicated and depends on the specific orientation of work agenda. It may include improving processes, creating standards, industrial moderation, implementing PI methods and lean production principles, increasing quality, eliminating waste etc.

The industrial engineer should look at enterprise issues in a controlled manner and always take into consideration a comprehensive resolution of the problem. His final objective is to increase profitability, productivity and quality by continuously improving processes and waste removal in all enterprise areas.

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